The Ojai Post

On Hiatus

The Ojai Post is a multi-author community blog that peaked at 12,000 daily visitors during the Day Fire in 2006 (VC Reporter). The website has been influential in the Ojai community dialogue, including contributions to the implementation of an anti-chain store ordinance, and providing critical information during multiple local elections.

In May of 2015, the server on which The Ojai Post was hosted was badly hacked, resulting in the destruction of two years of backups. The site is currently on haitus, and may be reactivated in the future.

Original Post, February 27, 2006

The Ojai Post is a community blog, featuring Ojai residents from all walks of life writing about the unique Ojai experience. Ojai is a special place, not just for its geography, flora and fauna, small-town architecture and rich native American history – its also because of the people – talented, creative souls who tend to walk to the beat of their own drummer and carve their own path through life. Check in for daily musings, rants, Ojai news and greater goings-on from the place some call Shangri-La.


Thanks go out to all of the authors who have participated over the last nine years, and thanks too to the thousands of readers who have made this journey challenging, delighting, frustrating and joyful.