The Ojai Post is a community blog, featuring Ojai residents from all walks of life writing about the unique Ojai experience. Ojai is a special place, not just for its geography, flora and fauna, small-town architecture and rich native American history – its also because of the people – talented, creative souls who tend to walk to the beat of their own drummer and carve their own path through life. Check in for daily musings, rants, Ojai news and greater goings-on from the place some call Shangri-La.


Tyler Suchman
tyler – at – ojaipost dot com

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make money?

We don’t – this is a non-commercial community project. It doesn’t take a tremendous amount of money to run, just a good amount of time. Please share the site with friends!

How do I get a spiffy photo of myself to show up next to my comments?

Go to gravatar.com, upload an image and associate it with the same email you use to comment here. That’s it – whenever you comment, your gravatar will show up here. Change your gravatar at gravatar.com to change it here.

Why is my comment held? Am I being censored?

Generally, the first time you post a comment, it will need to be manually approved for spam purposes. Thereafter, a comment occasionally gets held up because a word is being used that triggers the spam filter. We regularly check our spam comments and approve any legitimate ones. Each author can moderate their own comments, but generally comments are allowed, and are not blocked based on a specific point of view. Being civil goes a long way – see the comment policy below.

What is the comment policy?

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Please treat fellow commenters with civility and respect, as if you were engaging in person. Despite differing opinions, we would all like to see Ojai’s character and quality of life preserved and improved for generations to come. We’re in this together.

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